About Us

Kramer & Pollack, LLP is a team of tough, dedicated lawyers committed to obtaining the best settlements for our clients. We serve as trial counsel to the profession by whom we are highly esteemed. Anyone who refers a case to us for trial or at its inception can be certain we will do our best to maximize recovery and minimize delays while upholding the highest ethical standards. We honor client referrals and pledge our loyalty to the referring attorney.

What we do

Kramer & Pollack, LLP is a personal injury law firm specializing in most areas of personal injury including:

What sets us apart

Experience: With almost two decades of courtroom experience, we have the ability to anticipate how our adversaries will handle their case. Advance knowledge of adversarial strategy is key to a winning case.

Timing: We strive to navigate our cases through the litigation process without delays. Our clients benefit from the advantage of a speedy trial and a prompt resolution.

Reputation: We base case selection on a number of factors. Our reputation amongst insurance companies and defense lawyers is that our cases are good cases. The insurance companies and defense lawyers know that if our name is on the papers, it is most likely a solid case and that we will see the case through to trial. All of our clients benefit from our reputation.

Results: Thanks to an impeccable record, we maximize the value of every case we handle. We are not only concerned with maximizing the value, we do everything that we can to minimize the delays. The result is an appropriate resolution as quickly as practicable.

Full Time, on staff, MD: Medical records are a very important part of every personal injury and medical malpractice case. The medical records explain, substantiate and prove the extent of the injuries and the value of the case. We have a physician on staff who reads all of the medical records, summarizes and highlights the key information. Employing a physician is a substantial expense, however our firm and our clients have benefited greatly from his knowledge, insight, experience and opinions. Defendants don't have the luxury of an on staff physician and are therefore at a great disadvantage.