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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about personal injury cases and we work we do.  For additional helpful information, also see:

What Should You Do if You Are Involved in an Accident?

Q. Will I have to go to Court?
A. Possibly you will - but not necessarily. Nearly all cases are settled, sometimes during a trial, often before it begins.

Q. Why do we so frequently win favorable settlements?
A. Because we always deal from strength, never from weakness. We're always prepared to go to trial. The defendant knows about our years of experience and, sooner or later, understands how well prepared we are. There is no guarantee, of course, but at the right point a favorable settlement becomes more likely.

Q. Can I afford your services?
A. You certainly can. We work on a contingency basis. What that means, in simple terms, is you pay no legal fees unless you win an award, either through settlement or trial. We make the full investment of money and time to win justice for you. If we succeed on your behalf, we are paid a percentage of the award - and that sum is regulated by Court rule. We are also reimbursed for our expenses. What is most important is this: We have never lost a case for lack of money or professional time, and we never will.

Q. Suppose I've been referred by another lawyer or law firm. Does that mean my case is going to cost me more money?
A. A client never has to pay an additional fee because they were referred by another attorney to our firm. Any legal fee to be paid to the referring attorney will be paid by our firm.

Q. Why don't my other lawyers handle these cases themselves?
A. They know that the practice of our firm is focused entirely on personal injury law, on recovering damages for people who are harmed because of someone else's negligence. Lawyers know our reputation and our record of success. They have confidence that we will serve you well. We have a wide reputation as "Lawyers' Lawyers". They look to us for this work alone. You look to them for all your other legal needs.

Q. Will I have to get on the stand? Will the other lawyer attack me and try to break me down in cross examination? I'm not sure I could?
A. Please understand: you are the victim in this case, and compensation for what has been done to you should not be painful, and, for the vast majority of plaintiffs - it is not. Courtroom dramas on television are not real life. They are exaggerated for dramatic effect. Even actual televised trials are most often selected because they are sensational. In actuality, there is a plaintiff, a Defendant, a Judge and usually a Jury in the Courtroom. If the case is tried, the Judge and Jury are sworn to do what is right. Jurors are people like you, and they do not like lawyers abusing witnesses. Remember that.

Q. How long will this process take?
A. There is no certain answer. We'll move as quickly as possible, but a wide range of factors can affect the resolution of your case, primarily the backlog in the Courts. What helps is the fact that our knowledge and experience often make it possible for us to get to Court relatively quickly. Once there, as we have said, the opposing lawyers may well seek a settlement early in the proceedings - or even sooner.

Q. Will you take my case?
A. Sometimes this question can be answered almost immediately. In other instances, we need additional time, effort and investigation to make the decision. If you have been seriously injured, we will use all of our resources to try to help you. If we cannot do so, we will tell you as quickly as possible.

Client Reviews
Every time I needed to talk to him, he was able to. I already have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. Larry is a great guy and a very good person. Angie A.
When my daughter Jesse thinks about all the bad times in her accident, the only good was Larry. He is a lifetime friend to our family, no holds barred. He held us together and did anything and everything for us. Jamie G.
Larry always made me feel that he was interested in me personally, and not interested simply in my case. That effort, combined with a keen understanding of the law and of the inner workings of the civil court system, allows me to recommend Larry without reservation to anyone needing legal representation. Robert C.